Does Orviax Work?

Orviax™ Review

Orviax™ is a popular product which is  promoted as “the worlds best libido enhancer”. This is a very large claim given the number of effective male enhancement products on the market today.  It allegedly provides a range of benefits in the following four areas, achieving an erection; the size and girth of the penis; preventing premature ejaculation and enhancing blood flow to the penis for higher sensitivity.
This is said to take place by expanding the chambers of the corpus cavernosa located inside the penis. This is said to be able to increase the amount of blood the chambers can hold, allowing for a more firmer erection.Orviax is quite a popular choice amongst men for male enhancement. The brands website displays a video and several testimonials. It also displays quite a detailed “FAQ’s” section. There are several purchasing options available ranging from a one month supply ($57.75) through to a ten month supply ($288.75). Buying in bulk can provide several added bonuses. Generously there is a 67 day money back guarantee as well as discreet shipping on all orders. The customers credit card after purchase will show as “Nathans Naturals”.
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Orviax Ingredients
Orviax is a two-capsule per day formula, which is designed to be used on a regular basis. The formula is believed to be all-natural and free from adverse side effects. The 10 key ingredients in Orviax are as follows.1) Damiana
2) Tribulus terrestris
3) Avena Sativa
4) Saw palmetto
5) Muira Puama
6) Maca
7) Korean ginseng
8) Ginkgo Biloba
9) Aswaganda root
10) EpimediumOrviax is not recommended to be used while under the influence of alcohol.
Orviax Advantages
– 67-day authentic money back guarantee
– Discreet shipping on all orders
– Website is very informative and includes videos and testimonials
– All orders are placed securely
– Doctor endorsements presented
Orviax Disadvantages
– Product in our view is expensive, retailing for $57.75 ($1.92 per capsule)

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This product has been on the market for more than 10+ years and has a solid reputation within the marketplace. The product is doctor endorsed, offers clinical trial results, 100% unconditional money back guarantee and a long list of proven active ingredients that work. VigRX Plus is the #1 choice for male Enhancement.  They also have a FREE Trial of their product available. VigRX Plus MANUFACTURER WEBSITE


Vimax is one of the oldest and original penis pills on the marketplace with sales spanning the globe, selling to most countries and many different languages. VIMAX is manufactured and sold by a Canadian company adhering to strict manufacturing and product regulations. VIMAX contains a solid list of proven ingredients which have shown to be effective herbs which improve sexual performance. VIMAX MANUFACTURER WEBSITE

#3 ProSolution

ProSolution is an established brand endorsed by many doctors and also have several studies backing it’s effectiveness. Prosolution offers a 60 day money back guarantee, and offer additional free gifts on orders of more than one package as well as membership to their site where you can receive additional product discounts and other health information. PROSOLUTION MANUFACTURER WEBSITE

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